We have been working in agronomy for over 20 years in very diverse contexts, with different crops,  natural environments, organisations, and resources. After all these years, we are still astonished at the role of gut feeling in the decision-making processes. Too many times, the decisions are not as reasoned as they could be and the results are not always as expected. In our experience there are two main reasons behind this problem:

  1. The difficulty of performing systematic analysis and evaluation of plant based production systems, including the clear identification of the objectives and the limiting factors.
  2. The difficulty to identify, interpret, create and apply rigorous science based information and integrate it with the knowledge derived from day to day experience.

VLU science Ltd was created to help overcome these difficulties from an absolutely objective and independent perspective. We provide scientific direction to optimise plant based production systems.

Irene Lopez-Ubiria
Agronomist, MSc Rural Land Development
Alvaro Vidiella
Agronomist, PhD in Horticulture